SAU 55 Coughs Up Auditor’s Emails

There are so many red flags waving at SAU 55 one could mistake it for a used car dealership on the 4th of July.

But a pleasant surprise hit my email yesterday morning.  My March 13th Right to Know request was finally ready for pickup. I had asked for emails between SAU 55 and Timberlane’s auditing firm relating to me or Arthur Green (and as published by Mark Sherwood on Facebook).

These emails are fascinating and well worth the $2.50 I paid.  I urge you to read them. Remember when you do that these are communications between SAU 55 and Micheal Campo, Director/Shareholder of Plodzik and Sanderson, PA of Concord, NH.

The question remains, of course, how Mark Sherwood got his hands on this exchange while I, the party about whom these email concerned, had to wait 14 days and pay $2.50 and drive down to the SAU office.

You will also notice that the auditor offered to address the Timberlane board to address my concerns but Mr. Boyle ignored their offer and didn’t even mention it to the board.  The school board met on Feb. 8, three days after Mr. Boyle received the offer, yet he said nothing.

 Campo emails




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