Would you put your money in this “bank”?

Would you put your savings account in a bank with this list of facts?

  • Timberlane’s district treasurer, a respected senior VP in a regional bank, resigned suddenly on March 1 after just 4 months in the job. Her resignation email has not been made public nor her reason for resigning.
  • Timberlane/SAU 55’s current Business Administrator is just 1 year in his position and not yet certified by NH as a “School District Business Administrator,” but is on a NH Department of Education “pathway to certification.”
  • SAU 55  no longer has an assistant business administrator, as we did for many years prior.
  • Timberlane’s financial auditors expressed an intent to complete the audit at the end of Jan. Nearly three months has passed, and the audit has not been released – 9 months from the end of the fiscal year to be audited.
  • No one knows when our auditors were last changed in our 54 year old district.
  • Timberlane’s school board, on Sept. 7, 2017, voted to put out a Request for Proposals for an Internal Controls Audit of SAU 55’s systems with respect to Timberlane’s financials.  That RFP was to be issued no later than March 2018 for Board decision by May 5, 2018.  The RFP has not been issued by SAU 55 as voted by TRSB. (It is not known if TRSD has ever had an internal controls audit.) The issue of the controls audit is not on the April 7th School Board agenda.

Timberlane taxpayers are putting $71 million in this “bank.”   Would you put your savings account here?

On March 2, 2018 when Timberlane’s annual report was released, it included a note from Timberlane’s auditors, an IOU of sorts.  “A completed audit report will be sent to you by the end of March 2018.  Once the audit report is issued, it can be viewed at http://www.Timberlane.net/auditreport/.”  (See page 25.)

Today is the last business day in the month, and so far there is no audit posted at the above web address. Is the delay due to the auditors or the SAU?

Arthur Green and I, along with an eagle-eyed district resident, have notified the auditor about a number of issues in Timberlane’s unaudited financial reportings to the board, the budget committee and to the public. The auditor considers at least some of our issues within the scope of their normal audit and I believe they are trying to grapple with the issues we brought to their attention, and which SAU 55 has assiduously ignored – except to direct insults to us.






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2 responses to “Would you put your money in this “bank”?

  1. Barbara J Roy

    I feel the superintendant needs to be replaced. We do not need several assistant principals, we need 1 principal, 1 assistant principal. We do not need several secretaries for the principal, assistant principal, each grade etc etc.we should not have to pay retirement to para-professionals, A census needs to be done again, especially regarding the town of Sandown.
    Timbewrlane has become a bottomless pit, the superintendant feels he is entitled. Every year this just gets more and more ridiculous, Who wants to live in a town that has to babysit everything going on in order to afford our taxes. Step up everyone. look at the big picture, it just keeps getting worse.

  2. You’re stuck with Metzler until the his contract run out. No one challenges Kelly Ward. Just keep shelling out $$$$,….[edited]

    DG’s note: Comment edited for my own legal protection. Thank you for writing.

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