Budcom Member Issues Complaint Against SAU 55 for Withholding Info

Normally by this date, the Timberlane School District Budget Committee has approved a proposed budget for the forthcoming academic year.  This year, the budget committee has not even seen the administration’s recommended budget.  For Cathy Gorman, Timberlane Budget Committee Representative from Sandown, this is the last straw. She has called out SAU 55’s administration for withholding budget information from the budget committee and asked the Timberlane School Board to do something about it.
It is always to the administration’s advantage to deliver a proposed budget at the very last minute in order to give very little time for the budget committee to scrutinize and question the budget. The budget committee falls for it every single year and shame on them. It’s easier for them, too, you see, not to have to hold the administration accountable in any way.  Since Metzler has been Superintendent, each year the budget process has become more and more a last minute negotiation over a single bottom line number.
Cathy Gorman is crying foul and it is shameful that she is alone among her fellows in doing so.

Cathleen Gorman

12:07 PM (2 hours ago)

to BudComBudComJenniferKimberlySbSblewissavagetrsb@comcast.netmichaelsarahsheilalowes64@gmail.comGeoffreyEarl
Dear SB members and Michael,
Please accept this email as a formal complaint against the superintendent and the BA. I speak as a BudCom member and not on behalf of the BudCom as a whole.
The Budcom was informed of the following via the BudCom Chair:
1) on December 3rd the superintendent emailed the following: (in part) the current proposed budget number that I prepared approximately three weeks ago with the Business Administer
2) on December 4th the superintendent emailed the following: Good morning! It should be ready to post on Friday.
Please be advised the Budcom has yet to receive the comprehensive request for funding for 2019-20 school year even thought it was prepared 3 weeks ago and said to be posted by this past Friday.
In my opinion the SAU is withholding financial information from the elected officials; financial information that is not theirs to withhold.
It is expected and required per RSA the SAU provide financials requested by elected bodies and in a timely manner.
I would like this matter to be addressed by the SB as the collective boss of the TRSD  superintendent as these delays on behalf of the SUA as obstructing the Budcom to efficiently carry out their elected duties.
Cathleen Gorman

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