Hampstead SD Sues Timberlane SB and SAU 55!

Did you hear that noise on Friday afternoon?  It was SAU 55 falling apart.

Believe it or not, the arrogant folks that populate the Hampstead School Board think the best way to conduct SAU 55 business is to sue their fellow SAU board members; namely, those of the Timberlane School Board. The suit was filed in Rockingham Superior Court on Friday.

The Hampstead School Board is asking the court to issue a Writ of Mandamus which would require Timberlane School Board members to attend SAU meetings and vote on an SAU budget.  Timberlane seems to be boycotting SAU meetings until their votes are recognized and Jason Cipriano, SAU 55’s chairman, steps down in favor of a Timberlane chairman. It will be hugely interesting when Timberlane’s legal representation explains to the judge the circumstances leading up to this impasse.

The two boards that make up SAU 55’s board have serious differences.  I’ll try to be fair here. Timberlane is 100% correct, and Hampstead is breaking every rule in the parliamentary procedure book to cling to illicit power. Rather than surrender the chairmanship of SAU 55’s board as demanded by the Timberlane majority of the SAU board, Hampstead is spending its taxpayers dollars and yours to defend its illegitimate chairmanship.

Just so you understand how things work, you should know that Mr. Cipriano’s wife was hired as a teacher in the Timberlane district a few years ago, while he was on the SAU board.  Timberlane has been an employment agency named “Nepotism” for years. Timberlane’s former boards never saw anything wrong with it. Neither did they see anything wrong with Dr. Metzler’s legal bullying – cease and desist orders, no trespass declarations.  These are symptoms of failing management. The symptoms have now erupted into a full blown illness.

In light of all this, Stefanie Dube’s citizen petitioned warrant article that will be on the March ballot looks amazingly prescient.  She is asking voters of the four Timberlane towns to consider withdrawing from SAU 55.  Hampstead deserves to have SAU 55 all to itself and wise voters should make it so.

Emergency Petition (1)




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2 responses to “Hampstead SD Sues Timberlane SB and SAU 55!

  1. Dave R

    One of those convenient Friday-afternoon-before-holiday-weekend news drops! Never ceases to amaze me the filth and disgust of this entire SAU! Much like unions – are SAU’s really even necessary anymore? Interesting side note that I had not heard about until now was while I was researching this Hampstead/Timberlane coup online I see that the fearless leader of our besmirched SAU 55 is out shopping a new job, 1 of 4 finalists:


    I would have said his current salary may have been a detractor for the Hingham school district but seeing their outgoing superintendent was at $183k back in 2015 would mean Dr. Earl would be right in their wheelhouse. Fingers crossed (?/!/?/!)

  2. Robert D Nickerson

    I was researching this Hampstead/Timberlane coup online I see that the fearless leader of our besmirched SAU 55 is out shopping a new job,….. …..Well lets hope there is at least one more school system that has even less common sense than Timberlane and they hire him away from us. It would be like waking up and realizing your warts have disappeared.

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