FBI v KGB: Can you tell the difference?

President Trump’s longtime political ally, Roger Stone, was arrested at his home by a dozen heavily armed FBI agents in a pre-dawn raid captured on CNN.

If you did not know that this was a politically motivated arrest, you would think Mr. Stone was a dangerous drug lord from the show of force, the pre-dawn swarming of his home and the complete disregard for his dignity or presumption of innocence.

President Trump has been accused of many things, but militarizing the FBI and turning them into thugs is not among them.  Mr. Stone did not resist arrest.  Mr. Stone did nothing to warrant this insulting show of force and pre-dawn intimidation that is characteristic of Communist states. Mr. Stone’s offense, until he is proven guilty, is primarily his closeness to a president despised by Washington insiders.

That government forces can be co-opted to emulate KGB tactics in our country is a state of affairs we should all fear.  It is also something to which we should demand an end.



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4 responses to “FBI v KGB: Can you tell the difference?

  1. Dave R

    Fitting you mention KGB as the “C-ommie N-ews N-etwork” just happens to be there at the time of the raid? According to an article on GWP this morning: “CNN reporter David Shortell told CNN hosts he had an intuition to get to Roger Stone’s house and set up his camera before the pre-dawn raid”. Take umbrage on the word “before”. For all you non-red hatters out there, again, please note that this “arrest” has absolutely nothing to do with the Russian collusion narrative so don’t go getting your skivvies all bunched up thinking…
    “This is it! This is what’s going to bring Trump down!”. As Hillary so eloquently states…”A nothingburger”.

    We do indeed have ourselves a case of collusion – between someone in the Mueller Leaker’s Camp and CNN. Absolutely appalling. This was not an arrest of a major felon that has been on the lamb. Absolutely no need for the drama and theatrics of it all. Roger Stone was not going anywhere folks. This was all played up for the semantics of it all, to make Stone look like he is an actual “bad guy”, especially since he is an associate of Trump. ALL American citizens should indeed be concerned about this continued charade. It’s pretty sad that so many people out there would rather see our President fail than continue to improve upon this great nation of ours. When Obama was president I certainly disagreed with a great deal of his policies – but did I want him to fail? Absolutely not! He was not the president I voted for but at least I wasn’t hoping that people would go and continue to drum up stories and fallacies to berate, belittle and demean him and create scandals. Just goes to prove how radaclized the left has certainly become. Folks – demand justice. Contact Chris Pappas. Contact Ann Kuster. Tell them you are fed up with this phony witch hunt and want them to act to get it stopped. It’s time We The People take back our country. Only way to do it is to get involved…

    Chris Pappas:
    Washington, DC Office
    323 Cannon HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-5456
    info@chrispappas.org (not sure if this is still a valid email, otherwise on the website it’s a nightmare to get to submitting an email)

    Ann Kuster
    320 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-5206
    Fax: (202) 225-2946
    Email – same thing as above – a nuisance to get to.

  2. Curt Springer

    Actually, I don’t believe that the KGB did public arrests. I think they just sidled up to people and threw them into cars. Am I wrong?

    • The KGB made very public arrests – usually in the middle of the night, because justice was never the aim, just intimidation and thuggery. And here we are now in America. Do the good men and women of the FBI deserve to be smeared with this sort of behavior? Senior FBI officials should be fired starting from the top.

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