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Ruling on Collins v. Timberlane

This ruling came out on Feb 26, 2019:

Collins v Timberlane order

Although the judge expressed sympathy with the arguments presented by Collins and Bealo concerning the school board’s default budget, the judge refused to issue an order to require the default budget to be changed. The Timberlane School Board prevailed, and so did voters who will now have the opportunity to vote on a default budget that is once again lower than the proposed operating budget.  Time for fiscal discipline, Dr. Metzler!



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Timberlane School Board Should Require Exam Results of Prospective Teachers

From National Connection Daily

Report Finds More Than Half Of Elementary Teacher Candidates Fail Licensing Exam.

Education Week (2/26, Will) reports that “more than half of aspiring elementary teachers fail the most common licensing exam the first time,” according to a new analysis by the National Council on Teacher Quality, “a Washington-based think tank that advocates for more rigorous teacher preparation.” The analysis also found that “only 38 percent of black candidates and 57 percent of Hispanic candidates ever pass the most common teacher licensing test, compared to 75 percent of white candidates.” The report “pointed to research that suggests that teachers who have a higher passing score on licensing exams tend to see more student achievement gains in the classroom, especially for mathematics.” It also “recommends that state policymakers publish first-time and overall licensing test pass rates for all teacher candidates who are enrolled in a teacher-prep program.”

DG:  If this is the case for elementary teachers, one can only fear the grimmer results for high school teachers.

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