Ruling on Collins v. Timberlane

This ruling came out on Feb 26, 2019:

Collins v Timberlane order

Although the judge expressed sympathy with the arguments presented by Collins and Bealo concerning the school board’s default budget, the judge refused to issue an order to require the default budget to be changed. The Timberlane School Board prevailed, and so did voters who will now have the opportunity to vote on a default budget that is once again lower than the proposed operating budget.  Time for fiscal discipline, Dr. Metzler!



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2 responses to “Ruling on Collins v. Timberlane

  1. Thank you Donna for your continued work.
    The default school budget has been artfully prepared in Nottingham for a number of years by the SAU / School Board..
    Interesting in the ruling about new RSA parts instituted in 2018 for default budget.

    • Thanks for the comment. The School District Governance Association of New Hampshire, founded by my husband and me and a group of other dedicated elected officials was instrumental in getting the law changed last year to increase default budget transparency. I’m glad to hear your school district does it well!

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