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Metzler’s Goodbye to Timberlane


It’s a pity that with such outstanding staff Metzler’s leadership could not bring up Timberlane’s academic standing in the state. Taxpayers and elected officials should require a link between compensation and performance in all SAUs. Superintendents should be bonused based on improvement in academics and in district cost savings.  Right now Timberlane’s administrators, like most, have no incentive to do either, but somehow Metzler walked away from Timberlane with a handsome $180,000 parting check, a $150,000 consulting contract with Hampstead and the cozy arrangement of having his wife consulting for Hampstead, too.  Metzler is also hoping the court will award him some pin money for his claim for unpaid overtime, an audacious use of the court’s time – and your tax money to defend, or pay.

This man will be remembered by many in Timberlane with bitterness and resentment. He left SAU 55 in tatters while his bespoke pockets are heavy with your dollars. Now he is off to a district that consists of one elementary school and one middle school. May the career trajectory continue. Goodbye!


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NH Issues Back to School Guidelines and the SDGA Publishes a Parents’ Guide to Educational Options in Time of Covid-19

This afternoon, Governor Sununu released a guidance document for New Hampshire schools, “NH Back to School.

I am pleased to say that a member of the School District Governance Association of NH, Tim Galitski, participated as a representative of the SDGA in the information gathering session in preparation for this document, and we thank him for his contribution.

As well, Tim prepared a parent’s guide to navigating school reopening which is available on the SDGA’s website, This document is a good summary of educational options available to parents, replete with useful links.

This blog has been inactive for nearly two years.  I hope to blog a little more actively now so please stay tuned.

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