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Milwaukee Mother Finds Herself Banned from School Grounds by Metzler Clone

Bad superintendents have all the same tricks in their tool box.  Bad school boards have the same soft spines.  Read this masterfully written item from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about a mother experiencing the same demeaning, insulting, untrue, marginalizing and dishonest tactics that were thrown at me by Earl Metzler and his complicit board.  Because of copyright laws, I can include only the first few paragraphs but urge you to read to the end via the link to see what comments could possibly get a mother banned from school grounds. At least Mrs. Anderson has not yet had a police report made against her, which shows that Superintendent Hansen is not ready to take on the champ.

A Brookfield mom whose comments on Muslims and mask wearing got her banned from Elmbrook Schools is suing the district

Alec Johnson

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A Brookfield resident who earlier this month made comments against masks and social distancing and who criticized Elmbrook School Board member Mushir Hassan has filed a lawsuit against the Elmbrook School District.

Heidi Anderson, whose children attend school in the district, filed the lawsuit Aug. 24 in the U.S. Eastern District Court of Wisconsin. She is being represented by attorney Brady Henderson of Cream City Law.

Anderson claims the district violated her right to freedom of speech, right to vote, rights as a parent of both minor plaintiffs, due process rights and right to equal protection.

She also alleged her First Amendment rights are being violated because the district has prohibited her from being on district property or being in any district facility without permission of Elmbrook Superintendent Mark Hansen.

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