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TRSD Default Budget AGAIN Larger than Proposed Budget

At Thursday night’s raucous school board meeting wherein Mr. Bealo cut the audio feed to the public twice, the board voted to add $40,000 back into the default budget.

This conveniently made the default budget $37,000 higher than the proposed budget.

Timberlane’s beleaguered taxpayers will be acutely aware than this is the third year in a row the district has given you no choice but to vote for the proposed budget.

I have been calling for a full accounting of the default budget by line item so I can understand how a default budget can possibly be higher than a proposed budget that is going up by 2%.

The SAU says they don’t have a line item version of the default budget. Your school board actually voted AGAINST requiring the SAU to provide one. ┬áStefanie Dube (Danville) and I were the only members of the board to want the SAU to demonstrate in specific detail how the default number was derived. (Sherman was absent during this vote. ┬áSapia abstained.)

This is how well your representatives safeguard your money and respect your right to an actual choice at the voting booth.



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