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Smarter Balanced Results: TRSD vs. Comparables

Here are the Smarter Balanced 11th grade test results for selected districts comparable to Timberlane.  Only one of these districts, (Keene), had higher per pupil costs in 2014/15 than TRSD – coincidentally, that is the district with the weakest results, proving once again that money does not buy quality education. (The 2015/16 cost per pupil has not been finalized by the Department of Education yet.).

Results for Pinkerton Academy have been included because Pinkerton was proposed as a high school of record in the minority committee withdrawal plan.

Smarter Balance G11 results 2015

UPDATE:  Thanks to the reader who pointed out that I had erroneously shown Bedford’s Math result as 59 – the correct number is 57.  Still the highest in the group.



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