How SAU 55 Embarrasses Itself

At the first Timberlane Budget Committee meeting last night, Jennifer Caruso, new member from Danville, asked for department level expenditure reports for the year by August 1.  Our fiscal year ends on June 30.  You might think Mrs. Caruso was asking for a the administration to perform the world’s first successful head transplant.

If you believe what was said at this meeting, you could be forgiven for thinking our bookkeeping so uncertain that auditors must go over basic bookkeeping entries in order for SAU 55 to be confident that the department expenditures are ballpark accurate for the year  — months after fiscal year end. The budget committee ended up agreeing to receipt of this information in early September. By then the head would be defrosted.

Mrs. Caruso also wants to determine if departments actually spent the money on what they requested. She even went so far as to ask for justifications for expenditures. She made a motion that department budgets have justifications for how they arrived at their request.  Sandown’s Lee Dube amended the motion to require justifications for new expenditures and all expenditures in excess of $10,000. This motion passed.

It is good to see more of our elected officials beginning to appreciate that SAU 55 works for them and the taxpayers they represent.

Here is the LiveStream of tonight’s meeting:  TRSD Budget Committee Meeting May 8, 2017




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Metzler to Study Moving Bus Stop

At least night’s meeting, Superintendent Metzler agreed to discuss moving Sandown’s Lakeview bus stop when the busing schedule is re-examined with the bus service this summer.  Thanks go to the new chairman, Brian Boyle, for bringing this issue up at the meeting and giving it the seriousness it deserved.

The meeting went shortly past midnight and everyone was on their best behavior.  It is refreshing to see meetings conducted fairly and well, and with open discussion.

The board also voted to fill current administrative vacancies from administrative staff without new hiring.  Stayed tuned for an announcement concerning the next Principal for TRMS and a new Assistant Principal for TRHS.



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On an Unsafe School Bus Stop

Submitted to the TriTown News on April 29, 2017
Dear Editor:

Thank you for reporting on the Lake View bus stop issue in Sandown, “Green and Gordon Discuss Sandown School Bus Issue.” As was reported, Sandown says the bus stop is a school district issue and the school district says the fundamental problem is a town issue.

Police Chief Gordon has noted numerous accidents at the intersection of Main St. and Lake View where the bus stop is located. There is no question legally ​(RSA 189:8) ​or otherwise that the safe​ location​ of bus stops is the responsibility of the school board.

I’d like the public to know that at the very ​moment​ I was pleading with my fellow school board members to put the Lake View bus stop on an upcoming board agenda, Selectman Jon Goldman texted Superintendent Metzler to say as paraphrased by Dr. Metzler, that “The bus stop is safe.  They have no issue with the bus stop.”   (   at 3:46:00)​

So while the town says it is a school board issue, Jon Goldman is going out of his way to text the superintendent during a school board meeting to undercut my efforts to get the district to address this issue of serious importance to parents in the Lake View area. Mr. Goldman was not authorized to text on behalf of the Sandown Board of Selectman – nor was he authorized by his board to meet privately with Dr. Metzler to discuss the issue.​

Thanks go to Selectmen Tombarello, Treanor and Cleveland who issued a letter to the school district on April 17th asking to work together to find a safe solution. Mr. Goldman’s signature was absent from the letter.
​Five hours after this letter was emailed to the school district, Dr. Metzler ​sent​ me this email​:​
“Please be advised that the Sandown BOS Chair and I met last Friday. It was determined that the bus stop was safe and parents that want to drive have another alternative for parking. We consider this matter closed.”
The matter is far from closed for the parents whose children are still using the Lake View stop.  Yes, the stop has been there for many years but the traffic along Main St. has increased due to Sandown’s growth, which is why the temporary stop on Higgins requiring a left hand turn across traffic is not a permanent solution.
Donna Green
Sandown Representative to the Timberlane Regional School Board
If parents want action on this issue they must voice their concerns at school board meetings so the board understands the seriousness of the issue.


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Spread the Word to Budget Committees!

Announcing an exciting opportunity for new and returning elected officials in New Hampshire school districts:

School Budgets: Getting Ahead of the Curve”

A school budgeting workshop April 22 hosted by the School District Governance Association of New Hampshire

Featured Guest Speaker: Peter Bragdon

Past President of the New Hampshire State Senate, past Executive Director of NH HealthTrust.

Across the state, Budget Committees and School Boards are reorganizing with their newly-elected members to begin work on the next year’s round of school budgets.

This workshop is designed to inform and excite new and returning elected officials who are eager to find information and strategies to enhance the influence of the elected bodies in the budget development process.

Attendees will benefit from the presentation of our featured guest Mr. Peter Bragdon, whose background in state government, in the HealthTrust, and on his local school board span many of the cost, finance and planning issues which all school districts are confronting.

The intense, interactive workshops will uncover information resources which are not routinely provided to elected officials, particularly with regard to staffing, which typically drives over 70% of school district costs. Participants will explore how a structured planning process can move the initiative for budget decisions to the elected bodies where it legally belongs.

This event is designed to benefit elected school district officials, but the public is also welcome by advance registration. A continental breakfast will be provided.

Event Details:

  • Saturday, April 22
  • 8:30AM to 12:30PM
  • Nackey Loeb School of Communications
  • 749 East Industrial Park Dr.
  • Manchester, NH
  • Advance registration is required
  • Registration fee: $10 SDGA members, $15 guests
  • Registration contact: or 603-513-1647


  • 8:30 AM: Check in and continental breakfast (30 min)
  • 9:00 AM: Introduction
  • 9:15 AM: Peter Bragdon: Featured Presentation “School Budgets: Looking at the Big Picture” followed by Q&A
  • 9:45 AM: Break
  • 10:00 AM: Workshop A: Hard Data – what to demand and when
  • 11:00 AM: Break
  • 11:15 AM: Workshop B: Managing Key Planning Inputs
  • 12:15 PM: Wrap-up and Networking
  • 12:30 PM: Close

The School District Governance Association of New Hampshire (SDGA NH) is an association of current and past school district elected officials dedicated to mutual support and information sharing with the mission of empowering elected school district officials to effectively assert their lawful authority and be responsive to their electorate.

For information or to register, contact: Arthur Green, Event Chair or 603-513-1647

To register, please provide email and phone contact information, your town and/or school district, and whether you have served or are serving on school board or budget committee.  Members of the general public are also welcome though seating is limited.

Visit our web site:

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Where, Oh Where, are the Budcom Members?*

Where oh where could they be and WHY?

Timberlane’s eagerly awaited budget committee meeting tonight was cancelled after the fact due to a lack of quorum.  Superintendent Metzler was not there either.

It was the organizational meeting to select a chairman, among other things.  Kate Delfino just happened to be sitting in the chair’s seat.

This is the second district meeting this week to fail for lack or quorum.  The school board’s emergency meeting on Monday did not have a quorum.  Now the budget committee’s meeting did not have a quorum.

* It has been brought to my attention that some may infer from my reporting that Kate Delfino placed herself in the chairman’s seat.  I’ve been told the administration put out the name plates and budcom members simply placed themselves behind their names.[DG: Friday, April 14, 2017.]



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“Default judgment: Opening school district books”

Today’s Union Leader editorial concerns my case.

The paper’s editorial board correctly concludes that default budgets should be much more transparent.

By way of a small correction, my case was not a Right to Know suit. Timberlane claims they do not have a line item default budget.  The Right to Know law applies only to documents that exist, not documents that should exist. I was asking the court to compel the district to produce a line item default budget.  My contention is that this is required by law.

My thanks to the Union Leader for their coverage of my case and their abiding advocacy for government transparency.


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