Comment Policy

Social media can be a vicious place where anonymous cowards, often in herds, attack people. I have hitherto had a broad policy of letting through most comments with the exception of those authored by Bustmore Gas and his many juvenile aliases, and Danville’s Rob Collins whose willful spin is a full-time job to put right.

My 2015 re-election campaign and the Sandown withdrawal campaign have brought out astonishingly nasty personal comments from those who are not grown up enough or intellectually resourceful enough to combat an argument with facts and reason. There are a few who thrive on intellectual dishonesty and lie to see the power of a falsehood take hold to their advantage.  (“Sandown will have to pay a multi-million dollar buy-out fee,” is a prime example of that.)

As of March 8, 2016 I will now be trashing any comments that are personally insulting to me or my supporters, or intellectually dishonest. This blog is open to thoughtful comment and well reasoned argument, including opposing opinions that are not mean spirited.