Breaking News: Sandown Strikes Minority Study Committee on TRSD Withdrawal

Guest Contribution by Arthur Green

At tonight’s Board of Selectman meeting which I attended, the Sandown selectmen unanimously voted to establish a minority study committee under RSA 195:25 to study the feasibility and suitability of Sandown withdrawing from the Timberlane Regional School District.

The minority committee will do its own study while the “majority committee” made up of selectmen and school board members of all four towns in the district goes about its study.

The board appointed the following committee members:

  • Cindy Buco (Board of Selectmen)
  • Tony Piemonte (Sandown Budget Committee)
  • Donna Green (Timberlane Regional School Board)
  • Cathy Gorman (Timberlane Budget Committee)
  • Bruce Cleveland (Sandown Moderator)
  • Lisa Tapley (Sandown)
  • Paula Martin (Sandown)
  • Michael Constanzo (Sandown)

Selectman Buco plans to hold the initial organizing meeting of the minority study committee on Wed. May 20, 7 pm, at Sandown town hall.  When the meeting notice is available, it will be posted on this blog,

Both majority and minority reports must be submitted to the state Board of Education by early November, 2015.  If a plan to withdraw is approved by the voters as well as by the Board of Education, the very earliest Sandown could withdraw from the Timberlane school district would be July 1, 2017.



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3 responses to “Breaking News: Sandown Strikes Minority Study Committee on TRSD Withdrawal

  1. Peter Bealo

    So Selectman Buco plans on being on both the Committee and the Minority Report Committee??? How does that play? How can she logically support the conclusions of both as a member? Does that not assume she can’t/won’t support the Committee conclusions, whatever they are, when the committee hasn’t even come to any conclusion?

    • It means that she is interested in a full and fair hearing of all the issues. Like anyone else with character, she’ll support whatever conclusion she thinks is best.

    • Cathy

      Peter ,
      The point of the minority committee and report is that a member of the SB feasibility study “doesn’t” support the majority vote. I am sure you’re aware not everyone votes in favor of a motion.
      However it does “not” preclude her from supporting the majority report and in that case perhaps a minority report will not be submitted.
      In project management I believe you you referred to this as “plan B” … I know it as “risk management”.
      The RSA is pretty clear on this point also.

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