TRSD: North Korea take some notes.

Yesterday (July 7) I received an email from a well connected Sandown resident saying he had heard that Sandown was suing the district and as a result kindergarten was to stay in Sandown North.  Since Dr. Metzler was on vacation, I called the principal of Sandown North to ask if there was any truth to this rumor.  Ms. Georgian was not in so I left a brief, matter-of-fact voice mail message. That was the totality of my contact with Ms. Georgian.

I did not expect her to return my call because I have long had a strong sense that district employees are fearful of being known to have spoken to me.

Well, the climate of fear starts from the very top.  Here is Mrs. Steenson’s email to me tonight:

Mrs. Green,

I have been asked to remind you yet again to go through the Chair if you wish to speak with district administrators. You have been accused of harassing a building principal. Please stop. She isn’t receptive to your calls. You are not following proper procedure.

Nancy Steenson

Just so you know, school board members are not permitted to have direct contact with any staff whatsoever except for Dr. Metzler and his assistant, Mrs. Belcher, (though I know for a fact that Ms. Steenson and other board members do not follow her injunction). When you think about this for about 2 seconds, you realize that this policy puts school board members without children in a box of ignorance. Only the information spoon fed through the superintendent can reach their tender ears. This is, I believe, an insufferable obstruction to my duties and undermines Sandown voters’ right to representation.

Please recall that Mrs. Steenson, has denied me access to all school buildings in the entire district – including Sandown’s – during school hours.  This prevents me from seeing the conditions the children experience while the school operates.

The ominous phrase in Mrs. Steenson’s letter, “You have been accused of harassing a building principal”, suggests that the district is preparing to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of their previous groundless criminal complaint against me (memory lane:  here’s my original narrative of the “incident“, and the eventual release of the video which squashed the “investigation”).

Any parent can expect a call from a school principal, but a school board member fears criminal charges for leaving a voice mail message to one. Is this how the district intends to distract attention from the wreckage of their ill-planned school consolidation?


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4 responses to “TRSD: North Korea take some notes.

  1. Curt Springer

    As I noted in another thread the school board has no statutory authority to regulate your conduct. They can tell staff not to respond, but they lack any authority to tell you not to ask.

  2. The Metzler/Steenson rule forbidding contact from the TRSB, which for some odd reason does not seem to be applied to all members, does seem a tad heavy handed.

    However, if a school board member called, not as the member, but rather as a concerned tax payer, I am sure that no one in administration nor Ms. Steenson would find such action to be objectionable.

  3. Mark Acciard

    You have to love the Gestapo tactics of Ms. Steenson, and her merry band of neo fascisti.

    BTW< for the record, Ms. Steenson, Mr. Collins, and Mr. Metzler, My comments are my own and in no way reflect the opinions or statements of anyone but me. If you wish to try your legal bullying on me,…

    Let the games commence.

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