CAW is Crowing with LIES and Robbing Sandown

Michelle Livingston is the voice on a robo call to Sandown homes today. In her 48 second recorded message she says a “Yes” vote on Warrant Article 13 would legally obligate Sandown to form its own school District.

That is absolutely false.

The March 8th vote is a vote that says we want to form our own district but it does not create a legal obligation to do so.

A “Yes” vote sends a withdrawal plan to the NH Board of Education. If the BOE approves the plan, then and only then, will the plan go to the district for a school district-wide vote. IF that vote approves Sandown’s withdrawal, then Sandown can form its own school district.

I’ve just spent the last 1.5 hours immersed in the lies and slanders of the CAW “Roundtable” on Channel 17.  These people bemoan the divisiveness of the community while slandering people who simply have a different -and to my mind better informed – opinion on this withdrawal issue. CAW’s game is to insult those who are trying to solve a very serious problem that they do not even wish to acknowledge, and do everything in their power to make sure the opposing view is not heard or given its fair due.

The numerous lies on Facebook pages shut out to the other side, the outrageous slanders in the CAW “Roundtable” on Channel 17, Mrs. Livingston’s outright lie on the robocall, all these things and many more have robbed Sandown of a fair and informed vote on withdrawal.




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7 responses to “CAW is Crowing with LIES and Robbing Sandown

  1. Paul Itaical

    Oh, did we vote today? geez how many friggin dates can you get wrong? And you want to educate our children? hopefully when tomorrow is over you realize you and your “friends” have no support, no followers, and no business being in local politics.

    • It obviously was a typo. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. When you get your tax bill in early Dec. perhaps you’ll run for local politics and learn capitalization.

  2. sue sherman

    March 8

  3. David

    I hear you saying that this is the time for the citizens of Sandown to be heard because were it to pass, the decisions would be made by the state and then others in the district. There is no reason to let others decide. We will decide today. Further, you’ve been heard. It’s impossible for people to avoid hearing you. We’ve been informed. We just don’t agree and we’re voting no.

  4. Cindy

    I think it says a lot that individuals that don’t want to withdraw have the ability to come onto your blog and speak (even if it is nasty) but try going onto the CAW site and the only individuals that can post are only “Against Withdrawal”.
    They are all smoke and mirrors, they promote fear with twisted information to sway the vote.
    At the end of the day they know that Sandown can create its own school district and provide a better education.
    They just don’t like the idea of change and will scare everyone else into thinking it can’t be done.
    News flash…there are far superior educational facilities outside of TRSD and Sandown could be one of them.

    • Today I’ve been trashing a few negative comments and have revised my commenting policy…. to be posted tomorrow. Yes, opposition is invited. Browbeating is not. Thanks, Cindy. I share your frustration. We must put our faith in the wisdom of voters to see through scare tactics.

  5. fedup

    The vote is in…..can we move on now? I think the numbers speak volumes

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