Green Invokes Ed 204

There are laws, and then there are administrative rules with the force of law.  Some feel that administrative rules, which are by their nature established by bureaucrats, have no moral authority because they are not voted on by elected representatives.

Be that as it may, at last night’s school board meeting (July 20, 2017), I invoked Education Administrative Rule 204:01, “Proceedings at the School Board Level to Resolve Disputes Between Individuals and the School System.”

This rule will require SAU 55’s board to hold a public hearing to hear my complaint concerning the SAU board’s failure to vote on employment contracts of SAU employees or to set their salaries as required by law; namely, RSA 194-C:5.

If the SAU 55 board ignores my petition or deals with it unsatisfactorily, I will appeal to the state Board of Education for a hearing and/or mediation, as is my right under Ed 204.

What’s all the fuss about?  Read my letter, then call a Timberlane School Board representative and tell them to do their job.  Each and every one of them should be insisting the SAU follow some basic rules of good governance which just happen to be the law of the state, too.  Last night, only Mrs. Dube and I voted to require SAU 55 to have a special meeting. Now I have to hope SAU55’s board will do more than ignore my Ed 204 demand.

Ed 204 Complaint to SAU 55



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6 responses to “Green Invokes Ed 204

  1. Mark Richards

    A punky odour wreaks from that mess. Eventually it will all be well exposed and the appropriate remedies served.

    It is my belief that school boards, particularly those operating at such low frequency as is yours, are destroying what’s left of public education by acting as political agents of jobs, contracts and power, and using innocent students and duped taxpayers as their cover. Although I support the efforts of the current US administration to divest public education control to the states and local communities and to support competition for the public education dollar, I think we also need to reorganize these quasi-legal criminal cartels known as school boards into a structure that is accountable to the law and the public.

    Surely your board understands they are not exempt them from accountability. Perhaps it’s finally on the way.

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  3. Myrabuttreeks

    Ms. Green you are a very sick person, I think you are the only one who doesn’t realize this.

    • Normally I simply trash these juvenile comments from my potty-named anonymous stalker, but I thought readers might like to see what life in pubic office is like at Timberlane. He also goes by Bustmoregas, and other singularly charming aliases. Can anyone pin down this IP number?

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