Danville Talks of Withdrawing from School District

Last night’s Board of Selectmen meeting in Danville was well attended by elected representatives:

  • Betsy Sanders and Steven Woitkum, State Representatives from Danville
  •  Nancy Steenson and Rob Collins from the Timberlane School Board
  •  Joshua Horns and Michelle O’Neil from the Timberlane Budget Committee

The topic?   Changing the school  district funding formula to give Danville (and Sandown) a break on their school taxes.  Mr. Collins did most of the talking on the issue.  He has proposed changing the funding formula (to 40% based on Equalized Property Value -EPV) which by his own calculations will result in a 12% increase in school taxes to Atkinson. One Danville Selectman argued strongly that only 100% EPV is a fair way to fund the school system. Yikes!

When the topic was finally put to bed after about an hour and a half of discussion, the BOS had decided to have a meeting with members of the other three district town Boards of Selectmen with an aim to agree on a warrant article to change the Terms of Agreement of the district with respect to the funding formula.  No provision was made for what will happen when this meeting fails to come up with a consensus.

It was said a number of times during the meeting that if the funding formula cannot be changed, then the town could appeal to the court to let them out of the district. From the tenor of the discussion last night and the upset in the room about school taxes, my guess is that there will be a citizen’s warrant article on the school ballot to change the funding formula.  When this fails to gain a tw0-thirds majority as it will because Atkinson will not agree to have it school taxes hiked by double digits, then I believe Danville will be looking to remove themselves from the district.

The solution to all of this, of course, is to cut the budget back to a sustainable level for Danville and Sandown.  Which is more prudent?  To watch the district split apart at the seams or to go on a diet?





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5 responses to “Danville Talks of Withdrawing from School District

  1. Ah, this brings me back to the early days of the Nixon mal-administration, where the mixture of arrogance, the early days of Dick Cheney, and Nixon’s total insanity were indeed something to behold. Things rather smell that way in your little “district”, but with a new twist… an aire of privileged elitism along with a total lack of morality. Yes, tricky Dick finally had to bend upon the altar of social order. Unfortunately Cheney and his criminal gang pledged, like Arnold, “I’ll be back”. Don’t let it happen to you. Yours is not a problem with one individual. It’s an entire system.

    With talk like withdrawing from the district, and considering the rate of progress (image: airplane in a 600 mile-per-hour vertical dive), the Messler mal-administration may well work itself out of a job sooner than might already be hoped. It could well be a kingdom lacking subjects from which one can extort money (on the pretext of “educating the children”). Why, such a mal-administrator might be reduced to an actual member of the private sector! The lack of no-bid contracts to doll out, a juicy public salary to take in, and “power” to wield will come as quite the shock. Privileged elitism meets the brick wall. Looking forward to it.

    So here’s a helpful message offered as a service (to the hopelessly lame): Why let continued arrogance and ineptitude ruin a golden cash cow? Simply do things as all the other “districts”: keep the corruption under the radar, and enjoy the ride (which, under normal circumstances, can be stretched out for 10, even 20 years before being found out). Of course, now with the Green’s and others on scene (such as the resident taxpayers), scaling things back to status-quo is likely untenable.. so perhaps best to scrub the resume (acetone might work) and get your travel plans to Podunk in order. Sooner than later we’ll hear one of two blessed phrases, “I resign” or the equally-effective “you’re through”.

    The latter sounds nice. Let’s hold it as a holiday wish. Sing along with me:

    In our Holly Jolly District
    It’s the worst time of the year
    Budget woe, a line to toe,
    A pink slip I do fear

    Seems inept and rather stupid
    Now too late to turn about,
    Had I kept the budget clean
    My job wouldn’t be in doubt

    “Ho, Ho”, the Green’s do go
    And taxpayers rise with glee
    Throw, throw, Grinch Earl must go
    On this we do agree

    In our Holly Jolly District
    Time for brooms to sweep it clear
    Then my golly we’ll have a Holly Jolly District
    Next year.

  2. Linda Hathaway

    Can’t wait until your next post…Merry Christmas…HO HO HO!!!

  3. Len Mullen

    Glad to hear talk of withdrawing from the SAU. I think Danville would be better off tuitioning kids to other districts and private schools. With VLACS offering full time academics, parents have a wide selection of education opportunities — every single one of them better than Timberlane.

    I’m also supportive of bonding a high school for Danville residents as long as the governing body was the board of selectmen and not the PTA.

  4. XMAN

    CHAPTER 195

    Section 195:14-a
    195:14-a Alternative Method of Apportioning Operating Costs. –
    I. As an alternative to the apportionment of operating costs set forth in RSA 195:14, the cooperative school board may fix a specific percentage of the state adequate education grant amount received in a given year to be applied to the operating costs of the cooperative school district, before the apportionment of remaining cooperative school district operating costs. Such percentage shall not be less than zero percent and not more than 100 percent and shall be the same in each city or town in the cooperative school district.
    II. The question on the adoption of an alternative method of apportioning operating costs shall be proposed as an article in the warrant of the next cooperative school district annual or special meeting pursuant to RSA 195:13. A majority of voters present and voting on the question in each city or town in the cooperative school district shall be required to approve the alternative method of apportioning operating costs. Upon approval, the clerk of the cooperative school district shall send to the state board of education a certified copy of the warrant.
    III. The procedure for modification or rescission of an alternative method of apportioning operating costs shall be as set forth in the alternative method of apportioning operating costs and shall not be subject to the provisions of RSA 195:18, III(i). A majority of voters present and voting on the question in each city or town in the cooperative school district shall be required to approve the modification or rescission.
    Source. 2004, 244:1. 2006, 6:6. 2007, 270:3, eff. June 29, 2007.

    Once Danville goes, we can get rid of the Collins, Steenson and O’niel Obstructionists! Let Danville dispose of them as they will. The rest of the district can fire Strokinger, Metzler, Metzler’s wife, Grosky’s wife, and send Mr. Grosky, “Tax & Spend” Sapia back to Atkinson for proper disposal. If that doesn’t work……………Sandown, Atkinson and Plaistow can vote to close the district. That would take care of the Teacher’s Union and cut the teacher payroll to zero. Let’s see how they like being out of work for a change. Good riddins ! There are many alternatives to our school spending problems. Time to explore all of them.

  5. Mark Acciard

    I have actually suggested Atkinson suing to withdraw from the District for more than ten years now. Atkinson pays TRSD more than $12M/yr. for an ever declining product. For that $12M we could do a better job of educating our own children. Keep the Academy as Atkinson’s pro rata investment in the district. For one year do double sessions at the academy as was done at the high school during the construction of the middle school. During this time buy some of the land behind the post office, more than half of which is in Atkinson. Build a new joint Junior High/High school, NOT MIDDLE SCHOOL. Roughly 600 kids require 30 classrooms,plus ancillary services.

    It CAN be done.

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