Does Summer Homework Agree with TRSD Policy?

Timberlane School Board member from Danville, Stefanie Dube, has been asking parents for their opinions about summer homework assignments, especially at the elementary level.

It’s an interesting question because my children never had more than a summer recommended reading list, and that only in high school.  Seems Timberlane students at many grade levels have summer homework assignments.  Is homework being “required” of elementary students or just “expected?”

This morning Kim Farah, another school board member from Danville,  made the board aware of a summer homework policy at Timberlane which seems to restrict required homework to students who have completed Grade 8.

Timberlane Regional School District       Policy Code: IHCA

Adopted: 07-21-99
Revised: 04-03-08
Revised: 05-02-13
Revised: 12-19-13

The Board recognizes that student learning is an ongoing process and that it is important for students to engage in learning activities even when not attending school. Students will be expected to complete summer activities that support student learning. For students who have completed 8th grade and beyond there will be required summer work.
Students may take credit bearing courses, either at the high school or in an alternative setting, as defined by Policy IMBC – Alternative Credit Options for High School Graduation. These credits will carry the same value as those earned during the school year. Students who intend to complete course work for credit must obtain prior approval from the high school building principal or designee.

Legal Reference: NH Code of Administrative Rules Section Ed. 306:14(h)

[DG’s note, I cannot find a”306:14(h)” in the current Admin Rules and 306:14 seems to have expired in 2015.    306:141 says in part,  “Each school shall have….A policy encouraging students to have a plan for summer activities that support student learning.”]


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