Open Appeal to School Board

Dear Fellow Timberlane School Board Members:

Today’s announcement to cancel the playground project at Sandown North has highlighted to the public that the consolidation plan is failing in many ways. For the sake of public sentiment in Sandown, and overall confidence by the district in the board, I am asking yet again for a special meeting as soon as possible to reconsider the consolidation.

The public expected sprinklers, a new playground and an additional access. One has proven impossible, the other beyond our financial means and the third has been delayed by at least a year. An additional fourth grade class needs to be added to Sandown North which was not envisioned in the classroom layout. Then there is the legal issue that worries both Danville and Sandown about how district money can be used to operate a school that was defunded by voters.

The “plan” is clearly all over the floor. How many more obvious indications of failure are you prepared to impose on the people of Sandown without so much as a meeting to acknowledge the problems? We need to immediately reconsider the timeline of the consolidation and to reset public expectations of what can actually be accomplished according to the law.

Donna Green

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